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Waterlily is committed to creating successful business partnerships; ones that reflect and celebrate the beautiful in-spa guest experiences which we continue to evolve and curate.

We take seriously the support, strategy and tools that drive the three key attributes of business success; those sensory journeys and touchpoints which support guest retention and rebooking, upgrades and enhancements, and importantly the homecare prescriptions which are at the heart of a great retail strategy.

We recognise that just like in life, each Spa Partner requires and responds to different forms of support, approaches and business tools in how they engage with their audience, develop their team and activate their campaign calendar.  We welcome you to a new way of doing business.  The Languages of Love, inspired by Gary Chapman, is our touchstone for personalised collaboration.

Newly released for 2024 is our Business Rewards Compendium.  This essential guide offers a comprehensive overview of the incentives, support and rewards we have thoughtfully crafted exclusively to elevate our Spa and Salon Partners.

“Waterlily is committed to creating successful business partnerships; ones that reflect and celebrate the beautiful in-spa guest experiences which we continue to evolve and curate. “

At the heart of our approach is the recognition that much like individuals, our clinic and spa partners respond and thrive differently to varying incentives, offerings and support.  We celebrate the importance of creating and crafting meaningful rewards that have real impact on revenue, growth and profitability.

At Waterlily we believe that the essence of connection goes beyond transactions, ours is a philosophy that explores understanding and resonates the unique needs and bespoke tailoring of each spa partner.  Our synergy with the 5 Languages of Love, inspired by Dr Gary Chapman serves as a powerful framework for nurturing and connecting with each partner on a more profound level.

We do this through partnerships that embrace words of affirmation (complimentary marketing), acts of service (customised content), time invested (business development and coaching), personalised touch points (development, training and events) and the reward of gifting (cash and product incentives).  Our ethos not only has the intention of delivering greater personalisation but also nourishing lasting relationships.  A landscape where empathy understanding and appreciation are not only acknowledged but cultivated.

G I F T S 

“A gift however intangible, is an occasion to showcase our thanks for your loyalty and support.  It’s our expression of gratitude, consideration and the recognition of shared success…. and sometimes, it’s simply the thought that counts.”

Gifting is the way we like to show our appreciation; our opportunity to give back.  Sometimes these offerings are generous juicy rebates in the way of real cash back; a reward to build in extra revenue and ease expenses.  Sometimes it’s how we show your therapists our encouragement through incentives and free product.  Often, it’s those extra special touches that sustain your business through eventing, education and development along with free collateral.


T I M E  &  T O U C H 

“Making the time to prioritise moments for deeper understanding through strategy sessions and collaborative planning that transcends the transactional nature of traditional business relationships.”

The care and time that you so thoughtfully create for your guests’ spa journeys is a fitting extension of our partnership values.  Touch points that involve intentional, thoughtful and meaningful interactions that go beyond the ordinary.  The dedicated focus and uninterrupted time channelled to working through challenges, celebrating wins and synergising aspirations.  Whether it’s an in-spa visit, VIP event support, or creating a bespoke business coaching strategy, it is the time that allows for meaningful interactions and fosters a deeper understanding to advance business and personal goals.


W O R D S  O F  A F F I R M A T I O N 

“Engage and entice to create loyalty, connection and trust for your spa and it’s ever-growing audience.”

Communication is at the heart of showcasing brand values for your guests; an opportunity to create a sensory emersion to tantalise and delight.  In the restorative world of spa, relaxation and rejuvenation are entwined.  Words of Affirmation through storytelling emerge as a compelling means of marketing.  A narrative of aspirational messaging for your guests through social media, digital design and print features alongside artfully curated web content.

Curating significance around meaning, and authenticity transcends the treatment into a sensory ritual appealing to those wellness values gaining increased popularity in the global marketplace.  Whether it’s monthly social media content calendars, co-branded partner campaigns, or features, wellness articles and blogs freelanced by our founder, storytelling is the age old medium capturing an emotional connection.


A C T S  O F  S E R V I C E 

“Through acts of service our aim is to nurture relationships that extend beyond the conventional to create a community of spas that feel supported, valued and empowered to thrive within the wellness industry.”

Our partnership is not only distinguished by the quality of our offerings but the additional value we deliver though thoughtful and proactive acts of service.  In a space where guest experience is paramount, attention and service is how we demonstrate our commitment to you and your business.

Through actions, our everyday values of consistently delivering on promises showcases our dedication to your success.  Whether it’s free delivery, support or simply a check in from our skin concierge we are here to serve.

Regardless of reward level we are here provide the support elements essential for a smooth operation, optimised performance and enhanced profitability; foundations central to business success.  Download the 2024 WATERLILY Events Calendar as we celebrate our 20-year anniversary, see what’s new and stay up to date with Promotions, Rewards, Events and Marketing to create the ultimate guest experience while driving revenue and growth.