Terms & Conditions – Therapist Incentive Rewards Program


1. Program Overview:

The Waterlily Spa Partner Therapist Incentive Program is aimed at recognising and rewarding the contributions of spa partner therapists within the Waterlily community. It serves to nurture a collaborative environment and honours the dedication and effort of participating therapists.


2. Qualification Criteria:

a. Participation in the program requires spa partner therapists to download and accurately complete the provided monthly sales tracker as well as upload the monthly sales report.

          b. The program comprises four rewarding tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum+, each offering distinctive rewards.


3. How it Works:

For every 15-40+ retail products sold by a therapist per month, they qualify for a selection of enticing product rewards.


4. Reward Tiers and Selections:

          Level 1: Silver

Sell 15 retail products and choose 1 FREE product from the following options:

– Milk Cleanser

– Lime Cleanser

– Rose Mist

– Lime Caviar Body Balm

– Lime Caviar Sugar Smoother

– LOVE Body & Bath Serum

– JOY Body & Bath Serum

– STRENGTH Body & Bath Serum

– PEACE Body & Bath Serum

– PRENATAL Body & Bath Serum

– DESIRE Body & Bath Serum


Level 2: Gold

Sell 20 retail products and choose 1 FREE product from the following options:

– Lactic Cleanser

– Bio Cleansing Oil

– Hydra-C Mist

– Omega Crème

– Peptide Perfect

– Skin Boost

– Moisture Balance

– Smoothing Crème

– Papaya Infusion

– Refining Serum

– Rebalance Serum

– Renewal Serum

         – OR 1 product from Silver list


Level 3: Platinum
Sell 30 retail products and choose 1 FREE product from the following options:

– Plasma Repair

– Cell Therapy

– Vitamin Repair

– Super Smart

– Super Proof B3 Serum

– Phyto-B3 Serum

– Q10-Omega Serum

– Hydrating Essentials

– Resurfacing Essentials

– Anti-Ageing Essentials

– OR 2 products from Silver list

– OR 2 products from Gold list


Level 4: Platinum+

Sell 40+ retail products and choose 1 FREE product from the following options:

– Spaceuticals Anti-aging Collection

– Spaceuticals Resurfacing Collection

– The Skin Perfecting Edit

– The Cell repair Edit

– The Power Peel Edit

– The First Aid Edit

– The Collagen Lab Edit

  – OR 3 products from Silver list

– OR 3 products from Gold list

– OR 2 products from Platinum list


5. Redemption Process:

– To redeem rewards, participating therapists must adhere to the following steps:

Step 1: Download the Monthly Rewards form through the provided link and maintain a record of products recommended to guests throughout the month.

Step 2: Select eligible FREE product reward(s) by completing the Monthly Rewards form. Incentive products will be included in the subsequent order.

Step 3: Submit a photograph of the completed Monthly Rewards form at the conclusion of the month via the provided link after finalising sales records and product selections.


  6. Bonus Boost:

Selling 10 Hero or Platinum+ products from the provided list entitles therapists to an additional FREE Hero or Platinum + product as a bonus incentive.

7. Eligibility and Tracking:

a. Participation is limited to sales directly attributed to spa partner therapists working with Waterlily products at partner spas.

b. Sales tracking and validation are managed by the individual therapist or their managerial authority and audit by a Waterlily BDM.

8. Non-Transferable:

The promotion is non-transferable and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

9. Returns:

The product can only be returned if it is damaged.


10. Shipping:

Standard shipping rates and delivery times apply to all orders made during this incentive.


11. Program Duration and Modifications:

a. The program operates on a monthly basis, and rewards are disbursed within each calendar month as per sales achievements.

b. Waterlily reserves the right to modify or terminate the program or adjust its Terms and Conditions at its discretion. Any changes will be communicated promptly to participating spa partner.


12. Contact:

For any inquiries or further information regarding this promotion, please contact our BDM team at sales@waterlilyskinbodyspa.com.au or +61 07 3390 3988.


Participation in the Waterlily Spa Partner Therapist Incentive Program acknowledges understanding and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.